About USEA
Vision & Mission




Vision & Mission

1. Vision

        University of South-East Asia is a private higher educational institution that is recognized both nationally and internationally for building human capital and a good attitude and that follows closely labor market needs.

2. Mission

        It provides broad knowledge, know-how, hard-skills, soft skills and a good attitude to the learners in order to build their capacity in responding to ASEAN and regional labor market needs and to live in a globalized and knowledge-based society.

3. Core Values = USEA

3.1 Universal

  • Contribution to social activities
  • Working and living within the era of globalization
  • Loving and admiring culture
  • Loving and protecting environment

3.2 Skills

  • Having broad knowledge
  • Specific hard skills and soft skills
  • Opportunities and innovation
  • Self-confidence

3.3 Excellence

  • Quality of teaching
  • Quality of learning
  • Quality of research
  • Quality of working

3.4 Attitude

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Open communication and team work
  • Life long-learning