1. Program Objectives

Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English to Children is designed for students who are interested in working as a teacher of English in childhood center, preschool, primary school, and secondary school. The program aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of English language, teaching methodologies, assessment strategies, curriculum development and educational theories required in today’s childhood education settings. The program also enhances general knowledge about Cambodia and the world, improve students’ cognitive, interpersonal, numerical, and information communication technology skills.


2. Job Opportunities

Students completing this degree will:

  • become a teacher of English in childhood center, pre-school, and primary and secondary school;
  • be able to manage and coordinate children’s education programs;
  • be able to work in public and private organizations and non-governmental organizations where English proficiency is required; and
  • be able to plan and develop appropriate childhood curriculum.


3. Expected Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • acquire general knowledge about Cambodia and the world;
  • learn the theories and principles that are the foundation for educational issues and practice in childhood settings;
  • demonstrate understanding of children needs and differences and the relevance of these to learning in inclusive;
  • apply various teaching methodologies to teach English from Starter to Advanced level with confidence;
  • plan and develop appropriate teaching methodologies and assessment strategies for students;
  • analyze and reflect on their practice and experiences;
  • apply information communication technology for professional work, academic study and research, and in teaching;
  • demonstrate professional attitude, confidence, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills in a wide range of professional settings;
  • show initiative, innovative, creativity and leadership skills in various settings;
  • successfully engage in a process of continual improvement and pursue a further university degree;
  • apply information and computer technology and numerical knowledge in interpreting information and proposing solutions to problems and issues; and
  • communicate in English and Khmer effectively both orally and in writing.

4. Admission Requirements

To enroll in this program, applicants must:

  • hold a High School Certificate or a qualification deemed equivalent by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport;
  • hold a Higher Diploma of Technology Education or Associate Diploma/Degree Certificate (Level 5). Articulation and credit transfer arrangements are required;
  • hold a Certificate of the Foundation Year;
  • pass the university’s English Proficiency Test; and
  • pass the university entrance examination.