Joint Public Information Center




Joint Public Information Center
​​​General Description
   Joint Public Information Center is jointly sponsored partnerships between World Bank (WB), University of South-East Asia (USEA), and Asia Development Bank (ABD).The Joint Public Information Center serves to all students, academic staff and national and international users with many useful resources. We provide access to current, reliable information related to education and all sectors through book collections, the internet, multi-media, periodical collections and local programming.

Our Goal

· To provide useful and up-to-date resources for all users. PIC is the focal point for providing access to publications, reports, and other development-related materials.
· Online access to World Bank and ADB projects, documents and reports, and
· Access to World Bank and ADB project documents, publications, and other development-related publications;
· Access to a special collections of CDs on development;
· Access to development sites on the Internet;
· An extensive cataloguing in PIC

Our service

· Provide useful up-to-date resources like books and e-library associated with global development –related publications, particularly for teaching, study and research in line with the curriculum
· Provide the circulation for free.
· Provide Internet and Wireless Internet for free.


            · University of South-East Asia                    Building B (Ground Floor)
              Watbo Village, Salar Kamreok Commune, Siem Reap Municipality, Siem Reap Province.
             Opposite Angkor High School.

Working Hour

            · Monday to Saturday
o   Morning     :    7:00   AM    to      12:00   PM
o   Evening      :    2:00   PM    to      8:30     PM
            · Sunday
o   Morning     :    7:00   AM    to      12:00   PM

Contact us

            · Website: www.usea.edu.kh
            · Facebook: Joint Public Information Center-USEA, Siem Reap Angkor
            · Tel: 081 39 58 55, H/P: 012 88 64 76