Kunsan national university


Kunsan National University (KNU) is a national university located in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, in western South Korea. The university first opened its doors in 1947 as Kunsan Teachers' College. It gained university status in 1991. It was founded in the spirit of Search for Truth, Creation of Culture and Social Service. For these purposes, the University offers high-quality instruction, scholarship and service by fostering excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.


Kunsan National University, having set a goal to build a competitive school by 2010, is gathering wisdom from all the students, faculty and staff, and trying to realize this very valuable dream and hope. I am now making every effort to make this dream and hope come true earlier by doing such things as expanding and improving the bases for education and research, attracting competitive students, increasing the rate of employment upon graduation, providing a curriculum students and businesses want, fostering competent specialized persons who have the creativity and adaptability to enter the workforce. We will do this while maintaining a comfortable harmonious environment among our university staff.


KNU will lay the groundwork for continuous development of KNU by having all of the students, faculty and staff work in harmony, displaying their abilities to the full, and by establishing an innovative system. KNU want to actively and initiatively work on the four pending problems, that is, the problem of national university corporatization and integration, the problem of recruiting new competent students, the problem of expanding the finances and the problem of improving the administrative system. Thus, KNU want to create a new model of university development.


Kunsan National University, which has captured 11th place in NURI (New University for Regional Innovation) Projects across the nation and which is the only university in the Honam region to get Engineering Education Certification, is raising its status day by day. All the people of KNU are doing their best to turn it into a university which is small but strong thanks to their excellent abilities in education and research.As a think tank for developing the Saemangum area which will grow to be the hub of production, distribution and cultural sightseeing, KNU will lead the utilization and development plan of the Saemangum tideland by suggesting a creative vision. So, all the people of KNU will put every ounce of their energies to make KNU grow into a university which will be the pivot of the Yellow Sea Rim Area as it takes its place on the international stage.