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English Cambridge Short Courses

What is Cambridge English

These are standardised tests developed by the University of Cambridge to assess students’ proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Cambridge English mission

‘To provide language learners and teachers a wide variety of situations with access to a range of high quality international examinations, tests and teachers awards, which will help them to achieve their life goals and have a positive impact on their learning and professional development experience.’

Internationally Standardized English Exams

  • Why?
  • Who benefits?
  • How do they benefit?

Internationally Standardized English Exams: For the student

  • Provides early, concrete and attainable goals
  • International validation of language skills acquired
  • Positive feedback
  • Pride of accomplishment
  • Confidence to live and travel in other countries
  • A competitive advantage and workplace opportunities for appointment and promotion

Internationally recognised

  • Recognised by over 8500 employers, universities and government bodies worldwide
  • University matriculation
  • Career progression
  • Recognized for immigration to UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada…etc