Program Objective and Learning Outcomes

Program Objective

This program offers students a pathway to further learning in Bachelor of Arts in TEFL at Foreign Language Institute. It is designed for students who have met the academic, but not the English language requirements for Bachelor’s Degree and for students who wish to develop a higher specialization in their existing body of knowledge and skills in a new discipline area. It enhances academic English knowledge and skills: listening; speaking; reading; and writing as well as grammar; vocabulary; and pronunciation at intermediate level.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

PLO1. Use more complex vocabulary, grammars, complex sentences, and writing mechanics at intermediate level;

PLO2. Write paragraphs using different rhetorical modes: descriptive, narrative, opinion, and process with little guidance;

PLO3. Give presentations using explanations and support and employing intermediate grammar and vocabulary;

PLO4. Apply good verbal and nonverbal delivery practices: posture, gestures, eye contact, volume, rate of speech, and audience interaction;

PLO5. Demonstrate knowledge of organizational patterns, the ability to pick out main ideas with supporting details, make predictions, and draw logical conclusions;

PLO6. Read and understand most one to two page intermediate descriptive and expository texts and answer the text questions using their own words; and

PLO7. Successfully engage in a process of continual improvement and pursue a further university degree.

Admission Requirements

To enroll in this program, applicants must:

-      Pass the English Proficiency Test, and

-      Pay the tuition fees.

Credit Accumulation

Students are required to undertake one academic year of full-time study or two semesters. Each semester lasts 15 weeks excluding examination period. To be awarded the Certificate of Completion, students must acquire 30 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.00.