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American Corner

General Description

     American Corner is jointly sponsored partnerships between U.S Embassy, Cambodia and University of South-East Asia. The American Corner serves as an information center similar to a U.S public library reference service.  We provide access to current, reliable information related to education and all sectors through book collections, the internet, multi-media, periodical collections and local programming.
Our Goal
     - To provide accurate information about U.S history, government, society and values;
     - To maintain an open dialogue with Cambodian audiences through programs that build bridges of understanding;
     - To provide access to English-language resources for all levels, computers and the internet;
     - To maximize the effectiveness of U.S. assistance and exchange programs in Cambodia
Our service
     - Provide English resources for all levels of English
     - Provide multi-media resource related to U.S history, government, society and values
     - Provide document related to development plans and national report in Cambodia
     - Provide many kinds of story book for all levels of English
     - TEOFL Books and resources
     - Free-using Computer
     - Free Wi-Fi
     - Free-using Internet
     - E-library
     - Listening Lab
     - Books, DVD, VCD and PLAY AWAY Lending
Our Program
     - Debate Clubs
     - English Conversation Cafés
     - Reading Contests
     - Book Clubs
     - Game Events
     - Presentations about special events, occasions and holidays around the world.
     - University of South-East Asia :Building B (Ground Floor) Watbo Village, Salar Kamreok Commune, Siem Reap Municipality, Siem Reap Province. Opposite Angkor High School.
Working Hour
     - Monday to Saturday
            o   Morning    :    7:00 AM    to      12:00 PM
            o   Evening     :    2:00 PM    to      8:30    PM
     - Sunday
            o   Morning    :    7:00 AM    to      12:00 PM

Contact us

            · Website: www.usea.edu.kh
            · Facebook: American Corner-USEA, Siem Reap Angkor
            · Tel: 081 39 58 55, H/P: 012 88 64 76