Master's Degree in Teaching English

1. Program Learning Outcomes : PLO

    After successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Show an understanding of language teaching including theories and practices in a variety of educational, social, and cultural contexts;
  • Demonstrate knowledge in areas such as curriculum design and evaluation, testing and assessment, discourse analysis, language acquisition, research methods and approaches to teaching;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of relationships between language teaching and learning;
  • Acquire practical knowledge and skills whilst reviewing the way that beliefs, principles, and theories affect teaching;
  • Make informed pedagogical decisions;
  • Design, implement, evaluate, and develop various teaching methodologies and assessment strategies for students from a diverse range of backgrounds;
  • Analyze and reflect on their practice and experiences;
  • Articulate current conceptual and theoretical trends, issues, and concerns in the fields of applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and language pedagogy;
  • Demonstrate professional attitude, confidence, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills, initiative, innovative, creativity and leadership skills in a wide range of professional settings;
  • Successfully engage in a process of continual improvement and pursue a further university degree;
  • Professionally communicate with professional and academic audiences and a wider community through informal and formal reports and presentations.

2. Study Plan

No Subject Description Credit
1 Academic Writing for Graduate Studies3
2 English Phonetics and Phonology in ESL3
3 Educational Research Methods3
4 Materials Design and Development3
5 Literature in Language Teaching & Learning3
6 Second Language Acquisition3
7 Applied Linguistics3
8 Educational Psychology3
Advanced Teaching Methodology3
Syntax and Discourse Analysis3


No Subject Description Credit
1 Testing and Assessment in ESL3
2 Language Curriculum Design & Development3
3 Seminar in Applied Linguistics Issues3
4 Master’s Thesis or12


Teaching of English for Academic Purposes3

Writing Research Paper6

Comprehensive Examination0