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Royal Academy of Cambodia

    The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the ROYAL ACADEMY OF CAMBODIA (RAC),
Was preliminary created by the Royal Law no. ២៧ ប.រ. on the 25th August 1965, is a leading public academic institution and comprehensive research and development center in social sciences, humanities, arts, science and technology in Cambodia affiliating to the Council of Ministers of the Royal Government of Cambodia particularly in the “INSTITUTE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES” (IHSS) which was re-established at Russian Federation Blvd, located next to the Royal Phnom Penh University, Campus 11, Phnom Penh and the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH-EAST ASIA (USEA), a nationally recognized private university, created under the Sub-Decree of the Royal Government of Cambodia No. 63, 2006 with office address at Siem Reap, Cambodia in response to the government educational development program of building and enhancing human resources through higher education for university students who can not afford to study in the city. USEA’s mission is to provide high quality education, research, excellence in leadership and entrepreneurship, professionalism, social understanding, and commitment in sustainable development.

    Both parties, IHSS and USEA, agree to cooperate on education and research based on equality and reciprocity. Further, both parties agree to develop the following collaborative activities in education and research of mutual interest: scholarship, library resources, conduct of collaborative research projects and publication, workshop and conference and academic information.

    This agreement was signed by both parties represented by Professor, Som, Somuny, Ph.D., President of RAC, IHSS and Mr. Sien Sovanna, President , USEA on January 31, 2011