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Examination for Bachelor’s Scholarship to Suratthani Rajabhat University, Kingdom of Thailand



         University of South-East Asia (USEA) has cooperated with Suratthani Rajabhat University (SRU), Kingdom of Thailand, in conducting a Bachelor’s Scholarship Examination, 100% tuition fee, to study in Suratthani Rajabhat University (SRU), Kingdom of Thailand, on May 31, 2012 at University of South-East Asia, in 4 major fields of specialization

1. Aviation Business Management: In cooperation with Thai Airway International

2. Tourism Industry and Hospitality

3. Tourism and Hospitality

4. Business Administration

Conditions of the Examination:

 1. Candidates:

-     Foundation year students at USEA, promotion 6, and will be able to transfer credits from USEA to SRU under the consideration of SRU committee.

-     Students studying in grade 12 in the academic year 2011-2012, will be able to study in SRU in November 2012 after passing the Cambodian National Test.

 2. Tests:

-     For Aviation Business Management and Tourism Industry and Hospitality, the candidates have to pass the written test and interview.

-     For Tourism and Hospitality and Business Administration, the candidates have to pass only the interview.

·         Note: The result of the exam will be informed soon.